A New Beginning

Remember the old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”  Well, take it from me, with great resources and effective parenting tools you can. I treasure many of the values taught in my home as a child. Some, I have passed on to my daughter, and I have seen good outcomes.  However, I have also passed on some unhealthy lessons, only to find it to be a roadblock, both for me and my daughter.

Many problems no doubt would have been prevented early on with my daughter, if I had better communication skills, or I looked for signs of early depression, as well as behavioral issues.
For active kids of today, you need proven techniques, taught by experts in the field of positive parenting. The methods I have taught to others are the same methods I applied in my home, and it works! (Yes, I learned “new tricks.”)

For Our Kids – Parenting and Co-Parenting classes will help you discover new ways and ideas in parenting and co-parent your children. Our comprehensive program provides real-life parenting solutions you can use today.   You like myself, want your children to become well-adjusted, happy and productive from childhood until adults. This can happen if we are open to change, and ready for a new beginning in parenting our kids.

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